G-MOTOR Health Technology was established in 2004,the leading manufacturer of linear drives/lifting motors in China

The company specializes in linear drives, bidirectional self-generators, AC variable frequency motors, lift motors, gear motors, etc. The products are widely used in fitness equipment (treadmills, spinning bikes), smart homes (lifting beds, massage chairs, lifting tables, electric sofa, window opener, door openeretc.), vending machines, medical equipment (medical beds, dentist beds, nursing beds, etc.), automated industry and agriculture, etc.

◆Aluminum inner and outer tube        

◆Plastic gear inside         

◆Iron inner tube        

◆Plastic anti-dust outer tube        

◆ACME screw        

◆Bilit in start capacitor        

◆Built in thermal protector(125°C)        

◆Built in default cam system        

◆Both for push and pull         

◆Both for push and pull        

◆Protection IP40        

Technic parameter
Dimension 297*255*117
Belt wheel Φ30(Customized)
Fixing dimention 85.5*134
Flywheel Runout ≤0.15mm
Outlet power 620mm
Coil Resistance 25Ω
Output Voltage 152RPM 24±3VAC(152RPM)
Resistance 12Ω
temperature resistance 180℃
Voltage Withstand 1250V/1mA/3S
Max Power 350W
Single/dual direction generation
Exercise bike


Parameters(Ratio 22:1,Screw 3/4-8):
N0. Model Voltage(V) Max. static load(N) Max. dynamic load(N) Current(A) Speed(mm/s)
No load Max.load No load Max.load
A1 GL82-8235 110 8000 4000 1 1.5 4.2 3.4
A2 220 8000 4000 0.4 0.7 3.5 2.7
B1 GL82-8245 110 8000 6000 1.3 1.7 4.2 3.4
B2 220 8000 6000 0.6 0.8 3.5 2.7
Note: There are various linear speed options according to the combination of transmission ratio and lead, the range is 3.5-10.74mm/s