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Chairman: Jiao Xinjian

Xiandian University majoring in electronic materials and components, bachelor degree

Peking University Private Economic Research Institute EMBA

Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business Cantonese Entrepreneurs Phase III

The 59th student of the erudition class of Huashang College

Shandong Panasonic Imaging Industry Co., Ltd.: Engineer

Dongguan Senmei Drive Machinery Co., Ltd.: Engineer, General Manager Assistant

Founder/Chairman of Guangdong Jingmao Health Technology Co., Ltd.

General Manager: Chen Zhongchang

The third branch of Qinling 115 Military Factory in Xingping City, Shaanxi Province: Chief of Technology Section and Director of Workshop.

Shenzhen Dongchang Motor Factory/Shenzhen Demeilong Motor Factory: Senior engineer, manager and other positions, rich experience in motor technology and company management.

From 2011 to October 2016: served as the executive deputy general manager of Jingmao, responsible for the company's daily production work.

October 2016~present: fully responsible for the company's operation and management.

Technical Director: Chao Liao

PMBA senior managers. He used to be a workshop technician of "Lidi Group" in Yichang City, Hubei Province, and an engineer of Dongguan Electric Machinery Factory. In 2004, he joined Dongguan Jingmao Electromechanical Products Co., Ltd. and successively served as the head of the manufacturing department, the head of the purchasing department and the head of the PMC department. Since 2012, he has served as the manager of the company's technical department. He has led the team to develop several types of products for the company: lifting motors for fitness equipment, lifting motors for rehabilitation equipment, sun chasing motors for solar power generation systems, and lifting motors for station wagons and other series. product.